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On a Windows- or on a Macintosh computer you can use Windows Media Player for 'Media' streams, Real Player for 'Real' streams and Apple's Quicktime Player for 'Qtime' streams.


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Virago 600

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My Guitars
12 String Yamaha

English TV
320 10TV Newsbreak, USA Media
363 3BTV, USA Media
340 AFTV Comedy, USA Qtime
500 AFTV H264 Movies, USA Qtime
340 AFTV Indy Reels, USA Qtime
340 AFTV Movie Classics, USA Qtime
340 AFTV Music Videos, USA Qtime
340 AFTV Sci-Fi / Horror, USA Qtime
225 BBC Channel Islands, UK Real
225 BBC Liquid News, UK Real
225 BBC News 24, UK Real
224 BBC Weather, UK Real
276 BYU TV, USA Media
100 C-Span, USA Real
500 Cartoons Free TV, USA Qtime
512 Channel 125, USA Media
500 Comedy Free TV, USA Qtime
267 Daytona Beach Live, USA Real
273 eaTV, USA Media
500 EWTN TV, USA Real
221 GalaxyUniverseTV, USA Real
352 IMN, USA Real
300 Mania TV, USA Media
350 Ministry of Sound, UK Media
300 Music Plus TV, USA Media
150 NASA TV, USA Media
999 Research Channel, USA Media
348 SCCtv Broadband, USA Media
300 Shop NBC, USA Media
396 Sportal, UK Media
450 UMTV 22, USA Real
100 UN Webcast, United Nations Real
760 WCITV, USA Qtime
French TV
256 Cybertika, France Media
100 Europe By Satellite, Belgium Real
225 MBC, Mauritius Real
150 RFO Guyana, Guyana Real
150 RFO Polynesia, Polynesia Real
150 Senat, France Media
539 TVM3, France Media
Italian TV
225 24ORE TV, Italy Real
273 Coming Soon TV, Italy Media
150 Rai News 24h, Italy Real
150 Rai Sport 24h, Italy Real
814 Rai Sport Hi Speed, Italy Media
220 Telecolor, Italy Real
Japanese TV
295 Channel J, Japan Media
325 Fuji News Network, Japan Real
259 JAL TV, Japan Media
300 NBS, Japan Media
300 So-Net TV, Japan Media
291 So-Net TV2, Japan Media
225 Yomiuri News, Japan Media
Latvian TV
273 EuroTV, Latvia Media
226 TV5 Live, Latvia Media
Luxembourgish TV
329 RTL, Luxembourg Media
Norwegian TV
300 NRK News, Norway Media
Portuguese TV
128 Mana Sat, Portugal Media
150 RIT, Brasil Media
291 TVCN, Brasil Media
Russian TV
159 Rambler TV, Russia Media
351 RBC, Russia Media
229 RTR Planeta, Russia Media
Spanish TV
100 100% Noticias, Nicaragua Real
115 Canal 13, Chile Media
101 Canal 9, Argentina Media
141 CubaVision, Cuba Media
509 EWTN TV Espanol, USA Real
229 Ondajerez TV, Spain Media
301 TeVe de Mente, Mexico Real
225 TNP, Peru Real
225 TV Nacional de Chile, Chile Real
102 Venezolana de TV, Venezuela Media


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ESP Test


Music Stream


Apex House
Picture of my house in NC-
Nevada House